[jdom-announce] Re: [jdom-interest] XML DevCon BOF to announce JATO

Jason Hunter jhunter at apache.org
Mon Nov 13 18:35:26 PST 2000

Some have asked if they have to pay money to attend.  I expect we'll be
able to get people in for free.  BOFs are informal and usually don't
have anyone manning the doors, and in the unlikely event there should be
someone at the door, we'll just say you're a "friend" of the speaker. 
Please RSVP with me first if possible so I can know how many friends I
need to plan for.  :-)  If it's too many, I'll need to make alternate
arrangements with the conference coordinator.


Jason Hunter wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Wednesday morning at XML DevCon in San Jose we're holding a BOF where
> we'll introduce JATO, an innovative data binding API built on JDOM.
> JATO allows you to map XML data into Java objects, and vice versa, using
> an XML data file to dictate the mapping.  It was created by a former
> business associate and uber-hacker friend of mine for his work on a
> large scale commercial project.  It worked great on the project, and
> he's gotten permission to open it up, probably under the JDOM Project
> umbrella.  If you're interested in learning more, come to the San Simeon
> room at the Doubletree (where the conference is) at 10:45am this
> Wednesday.
> -jh-
> P.S.  You'll also learn how JATO got its name.  Hint: it's from the
> military.
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