[jdom-announce] Jato Released

Andy Krumel andyk at krumel.com
Tue Jan 30 15:34:32 PST 2001

Jato is now available for download from the Jato Project web site
http://www.krumel.com/jato. Jato is an XML language and small Java API built on top of
JDOM that dynamically transforms between XML documents and Java objects. Jato was first
announced at XML DevCon 2000 in San Jose but release was delayed to ensure all companies
currently shipping products based on Jato technology supported the move to open source.
And I appreciate their support. Jato development will be based at SourceForge and the
project can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jato.

Jato's design and feature set directly result from implementing real-world projects. Jato
is very feature rich, but hopefully not at the expense of usability or readability. The
key features are:
* Open sourced: Feel free to do your own thing
* Completely dynamic: Jato like Java does not do preprocessing
* Supports the JavaBeans naming conventions: If a class happens to contain portions that
adhere to the Beans specification then life gets a little simpler.
* Supports complex constructors and methods: Most real-world applications rely on classes
that require non-default constructors and methods that do not adhere to the Beans
* Macros: Reduces the amount of Jato code required to specify a transformation.
* Conditional transformations: Allows transformations to be based on the type of XML
element, presence or value of an attribute, the state of an object, or the phases of the
* Built on JDOM: The more openness the better
* Supports namespaces

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