[jdom-announce] Ready for 1.0

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Wed Sep 1 00:11:29 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I've just checked in the last changes I think are necessary before a 1.0 
release!  I encourage everyone to get the latest code either from CVS or 
by downloading from http://www.jdom.org/dist/nightly/.  Please test your 
applications against this code and report to jdom-interest any problems 
you find.

The full list of recent commits can be found at 
http://www.jdom.org/pipermail/jdom-commits/2004-August/date.html.  The 
full list of post-Beta 10 changes can be found in CHANGES.txt in the 
root of the distribution.

The highlights of this week's commits are:

* Added a new lib/jaxen-jdom.jar that solves some XPath ancestry 
problems introduced by the Parent interface.  See the new 
lib/jaxen.readme for details.

* Moved the addContent() and setContent() methods from Parent into 
Element and Document directly.  This re-enables method chaining that 
some people missed.

* Fixed a few bugs in SAXOutputter: start/endPrefixMapping was not being 
fired for no namespace, DocType was being improperly constructed, 
changed to use a DefaultHandler with the dtd parser to better suppress 
unimportant problems.

* Added SAXOutputter support for outputting fragments of documents with 
the new methods:

* Added support in XMLOutputter for ignoring the JAXP processing 
instructions <?javax.xml.transform.enable-output-escaping?> and
<?javax.xml.transform.disable-output-escaping?>.  Respect for these PIs 
is toggled by the Format.set/getIgnoreTrAXEscapingPIs() feature, default 

* Added to JDOMFactory the methods document(Element rootElement, DocType 
docType, String baseURI) and entityRef(String elementName, String 
systemID).  These match constructors that were previously overlooked. 
Also added implementations to DefaultJDOMFactory and UnverifiedJDOMFactory.

* Fixed bug in FilterIterator that affected next() calls.

* Fixed bug in DOMOutputter regarding extraneous namespace declarations 
appearing under certain conditions.

* Changed XMLOutputter to clone the Format objects when they're set/get

* Fixed bug in JDOMResult where the result list could include incomplete 
results in certain situations, fixed by forcing a flush.

* Made SAXHandler.flushCharacters() protected again after being private. 
  It's needed for the above fix.

* Changed Verifier.isXXX() methods from private to public as it was well 
argued that they're based on unchanging spec productions and can be 
generally useful even apart from JDOM.

* Added support for surrogate pairs in the Verifier.  (Surrogate pairs 
don't yet have any special output support.)

* Fixed bug in SAXBuilder to avoid an IllegalStateException when apps 
access the partial document when parse failure occurs right after the 
beginning of the parse.

* Updated JaxenXPath to avoid the deprecated XPath.valueOf().

* Brought the jdom-contrib ElementScanner up to date.

* Fixed various Javadoc typos.

* Removed the build-time dependence on saxpath.jar.

Thanks to everyone who submitted patches and problem reports!  We all 
owe a big debt of gratitude to Laurent who submitted the bulk of the 
patches and Brad Huffman who was a great help to me in vetting all the 


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