[jdom-commits] I have a problem with JDOM

S Z sz_jdom at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 11:32:46 PDT 2000

   I am trying to extract some information from 
a XHTML file using JDOM, here is what I did, 

public static void listChannels(String systemID,
ArrayList addresses, ArrayList ids, ArrayList urls) 
	throws JDOMException, NullPointerException {
	if (systemID == null) {
	    throw new NullPointerException("URL must be
	SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();
	// Load the entire document into memory 
	// from the network or file system
	Document doc = builder.build(systemID);
	Element html = doc.getRootElement();
	System.out.println("The full name for root is: "
	List children = html.getChildren();
	Iterator i1 = children.iterator();
	    System.out.println("child is: " +
	//Element head = html.getChild("head");
	Element body = html.getChild("body");
	Element div = body.getChild("div");
	Element table = div.getChild("table");
	List trs = table.getChildren("tr");
	Iterator iterator = trs.iterator();

But Here is the result I get:

The full name for root is: html
child is: head!
child is: body!
org.jdom.NoSuchElementException: The element body does
not exist within the specified element.
	at org.jdom.Element.getChild(Element.java:679)
	at org.jdom.Element.getChild(Element.java:733)
	at Inntopia_AS.listChannels(Inntopia_AS.java:71)
	at Inntopia_AS.listChannels(Inntopia_AS.java:36)
	at Inntopia_AS.main(Inntopia_AS.java:121)

It's interesting that the list find the body, but
when I use getChild, it doesn't find it. Is it a bug
in JDOM or I did something wrong? Anyone's help
will be greatly appreciated!


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Fix to removeProcessingInstructions in Document.java, noted by Leo Moot (l.moot at chello.nl)

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