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Date:	Sunday July 23, 2000 @ 18:55
Author:	jhunter

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Elliotte writes:

I've attached a new version of Verifier. I added checks for 
isXMLCharacter() that tests whether a specified character is or is 
not allowed in parsed data. Basically it allows everything except C0 
controls, surrogates, and a few other things disallowed by Production 
2. For instance we should not be allowing vertical tabs or formfeeds 
in element content. It can be used to check the text content of an 
XML element or attribute value, and indeed I've added a method to 
check a string to see if it's legal to place in parsed character data 
as well.

If you'd like I can go ahead and rewrite Element, Attribute, and the 
others to make these checks. They're not nearly as nasty (not nearly 
as many branches) as the checks for whether a character is a legal 
name or name start character. If they prove to be a performance hit, 
then I have some ideas about how we could make them less onerous, but 
I'd rather write them the simple way first.

I also ran some tests where I generated elements beginning with all 
legal namestart characters (except the colon) and containing all 
legal name characters (again the colon excepted).  I serialized these 
into a file and ran Xerces's sax.SAXCount across it. This turned up a 
few bugs which I fixed. After these fixes, Xerces accepts any element 
Verifier allows. I have not yet figured out how to run the test in 
the other direction, that is to make sure that JDOM accepts all 
element names Xerces allows, but it shouldn't be hard.

I also rewrote checkXMLName() to depend on isXMLNamestartCharacter(). 
The revised Verifier is attached.

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