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Date:	Monday January 29, 2001 @ 3:15
Author:	jhunter

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Integrated James Davidson's patch for JAXP 1.1 support in SAXBuilder.  
Here's the email I wrote about it.

The model we're looking at here is that SAXBuilder (and later perhaps
DOMBuilder) will by default use the parser specified by JAXP.  This will
allow the SAX parser to be changed using standard JAXP techniques, no
recompiling necessary.  You'll of course be able to override the JAXP
behavior by specifying a parser class as a parameter to the SAXBuilder
constructor, just like always.  So if you just *love* Xerces you can
either make sure that's your JAXP parser of choice, or you can skip JAXP
and pass the Xerces parser class name to SAXBuilder.  Either way works.

If JAXP classes aren't found, then the default is Xerces.  I don't
believe JDOM should depend on JAXP if it doesn't have to, especially
when JAXP isn't open source.  Thus the reflection.

James is the spec lead on JAXP and has been using JDOM for some of his
own projects lately.  I encouraged him to send in this patch since he
knows more about JAXP than anybody.  :-)

Note that JAXP *1.1* is required.  If JAXP 1.1 and a parser supporting 
it are not found, the default is still Xerces.

Updated TODO to match this new work.


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