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Sat Feb 23 03:19:01 PST 2002

Date:	Saturday February 23, 2002 @ 6:19
Author:	cvs

Update of /home/cvspublic/jdom/src/java/org/jdom/input
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Patch from Alex Rosen cleaning up our entity handling.  We now
create the internal DTD subset string correctly and ignore entities
from the external DTD subset.  In his words:

The changes are:

- Set inInternalSubset based on the magic name "[dtd]" in
startEntity/endEntity, as described in the SAX2 extension JavaDocs.

- Don't add an <!ELEMENT> declaration if we're not in the internal subset.

- A few formatting and comment fixups.

I wonder if entityDepth is still needed, now that we're using "[dtd]"
properly, but I don't know enough to figure it out.



Actually, use this one instead. Fixed:

- External IDs are now printed correctly - no more PUBLIC "x" SYSTEM "y"

- Notations are now printed correctly (they can have a null public ID or
system ID)

- No more trailing spaces before close-brackets, like: <!ENTITY ...
"testentity.txt" >




File: no file SAXHandler.java		Status: Needs Checkout

   Working revision:	1.36	Sat Feb 23 11:19:01 2002
   Repository revision:	1.36	/home/cvspublic/jdom/src/java/org/jdom/input/SAXHandler.java,v

   Existing Tags:
	jdom_prefilter           	(revision: 1.27)
	jdom_1_0_b7              	(revision: 1.18)

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