[jdom-commits] CVS update: jdom-contrib/src/java/org/jdom/contrib/input

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Wed Jan 30 21:10:43 PST 2002

Date:	Thursday January 31, 2002 @ 0:10
Author:	cvs

Update of /home/cvspublic/jdom-contrib/src/java/org/jdom/contrib/input
In directory jools.org:/tmp/cvs-serv18421/input

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Bringing the contrib modules up to date so they build against the latest
CVS.  Method name changes throughout.  The XPath implementation is old
and should probably be removed, but for now I just got it building so it
doesn't halt the rest.


File: ResultSetBuilder.java	Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:	1.8	Thu Jan 31 05:10:40 2002
   Repository revision:	1.8	/home/cvspublic/jdom-contrib/src/java/org/jdom/contrib/input/ResultSetBuilder.java,v

   Existing Tags:
	No Tags Exist

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