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Fri Jun 7 19:13:23 PDT 2002

Date:	Friday June 7, 2002 @ 22:13
Author:	cvs

Update of /home/cvspublic/jdom/src/java/org/jdom
In directory jools.org:/tmp/cvs-serv5493

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Patch from elharo:

The attached patch fixes a problem with the clone() method that would 
result in CDATA sections being cloned as Text objects rather than CDATA 
objects. It is now necessary to check for CDATA before checking for Text 
because CDATA is a subclass of Text.

It also corrects one minor spelling error in the comments.


File: no file Element.java		Status: Needs Checkout

   Working revision:	1.125	Sat Jun  8 02:13:22 2002
   Repository revision:	1.125	/home/cvspublic/jdom/src/java/org/jdom/Element.java,v

   Existing Tags:
	jdom_1_0_b8              	(revision: 1.115)
	jdom_1_0_b8_rc1          	(revision: 1.114)
	jdom_prefilter           	(revision: 1.102)
	jdom_1_0_b7              	(revision: 1.96)
	jdom_1_0_b6              	(revision: 1.52)
	start                    	(revision:
	jdom                     	(branch: 1.1.1)

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