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Changing SAXHandler.setAlternateRoot() to SAXHandler.pushElement()
which solves the same problem but in a more general way. Laurent
had the idea (see below), and it's a darn good one!


> SAXHandler:
> atRoot
> I see JDOMResult.FragmentHandler uses this. That's an odd property
> to expose. Could this be done another way? Laurent?

Sure, this could be removed if SAXHandler provided a protected
pushElement() method. As JDOMResult may receive a node list and not
a document, it needs to add a dummy root element to the being-built
document before the parse begins. To do that, I simply pasted some
code from startElement.

For example, in SAXHandler:

protected void pushElement(Element element) {
if (atRoot) {
atRoot = false;
} else {
currentElement = element;

Then JDOMResult.FragmentHandler constructor could be changed to:
public FragmentHandler(JDOMFactory factory) {

// Add a dummy root element to the being-built document as XSL
// transformation can output node lists instead of well-formed
// documents.


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