[jdom-commits] CVS Update: jdom/src/java/org/jdom/output

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.kattare.com
Wed Jul 22 22:54:24 PDT 2009

Date:   Wed Jul 22, 2009 @22:54:23 PDT

Update of /home/cvs/jdom/src/java/org/jdom/output
In directory servlets:/tmp/cvs-serv31191/src/java/org/jdom/output

Modified Files:
Format.java XMLOutputter.java
Log Message:
Added support for surrogate pair output via numeric char references.

Patch was contributed by David Byrne long ago. I tweaked the patch to not
return a checked exception. I also made the outputter prefer to use numeric
char references for these even when the outputter is in bits==16 mode.

Removed this from the TODO. :)


File: no file Format.java		Status: Needs Checkout

   Working revision:	1.14	Thu Jul 23 05:54:23 2009
   Repository revision:	1.14	/home/cvs/jdom/src/java/org/jdom/output/Format.java,v

   Existing Tags:
	jdom_1_1                 	(revision: 1.13)
	jdom_1_0                 	(revision: 1.10)
	jdom_1_0_rc1             	(revision: 1.9)
	BEFORE_UNCHECKED         	(revision: 1.7)
	jdom_1_0_b10             	(revision: 1.6)
	jdom_1_0_b10_rc1         	(revision: 1.5)
	after_rolf               	(revision: 1.4)
	before_rolf              	(revision: 1.4)

File: no file XMLOutputter.java		Status: Needs Checkout

   Working revision:	1.117	Thu Jul 23 05:54:23 2009
   Repository revision:	1.117	/home/cvs/jdom/src/java/org/jdom/output/XMLOutputter.java,v

   Existing Tags:
	jdom_1_1                 	(revision: 1.116)
	jdom_1_0                 	(revision: 1.112)
	jdom_1_0_rc1             	(revision: 1.112)
	BEFORE_UNCHECKED         	(revision: 1.109)
	jdom_1_0_b10             	(revision: 1.102)
	jdom_1_0_b10_rc1         	(revision: 1.101)
	after_rolf               	(revision: 1.100)
	before_rolf              	(revision: 1.100)
	jdom_1_0_b9              	(revision: 1.91)
	jdom_1_0_b8              	(revision: 1.76)
	jdom_prefilter           	(revision: 1.66)
	jdom_1_0_b7              	(revision: 1.62)
	jdom_1_0_b6              	(revision: 1.35)
	start                    	(revision:
	jdom                     	(branch: 1.1.1)

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