[jdom-interest] delicate balance?

Joseph Bowbeer jozart at csi.com
Tue Aug 1 07:24:01 PDT 2000

I just read a flurry of mail in digest form. Here are my belated

I favor getChild and getChildren because they jibe with my view of
JDOM as being small, simple, and intuitive.

I like Jason's comments about a stripped-down config file builder.
I want one of those.

My first impression of JDOM was that it was a synthesis of Element
Construction Set (ECS) and Java Collections. It was accessible to
beginnings and powerful. A delicate balance.

One thing I've noticed as I follow this list: as everyone becomes
more familiar with the intricacies of XML, they "raise" the bar
for what passes as small, simple and intuitive.

I think it's hard to pile a lot of development on top of a
delicate balance. Perhaps we need to decide: Are we trying to
undercut DOM, getting most of the benefit with little of the
complexity? Or are we trying to build an accessibility layer on
top of DOM, preserving everything and making it easier to use at
the same time?  (I hope my characterization is accurate enough to
be helpful.)

Joe Bowbeer

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