[jdom-interest] xerces has problems with directories containing spaces?

Scott Ellsworth scott at alodar.com
Tue Aug 1 15:45:13 PDT 2000

At 02:32 PM 8/1/2000 -0700, Scott Ellsworth wrote:
>Here is the error:
>2000/08/01 14:24:05 Error parsing xml: org.jdom.JDOMException: File 
>"xmltest.dtd" not found.: Error on line 0: File "xmltest.dtd" not found.

Aha!  I just discovered something rather entertaining.

I ran the example in chapter 5 of Brett MacLaughlin's book to make sure 
that I understood what was going on, as well as the example I posted.

In both cases, the program worked just fine when run from c:\xml.  When I 
ran in C:\Documents and Settings\Scott Ellsworth\My Documents\Java\xmltest, 
I started getting file not found errors.

I must conclude that it is creating a url from the input, and doing so by 
adding an appropriate directory, then dying when the path has 
spaces.  Interesting.

So, who would one write up a bug to?  The one in chapter 5 does not use 
jdom at all, so it must be something deep inside xerces.  I would think 
that as long as it is adding a path, it should either deal with or escape 

Scott Ellsworth
scott at alodar.com

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