[jdom-interest] Can't we all get along? :) -- [is] getChild() vs. getChildElements()

James Duncan Davidson duncan at x180.com
Wed Aug 2 18:10:42 PDT 2000

on 8/2/00 3:41 PM, Patrick Dowler at Patrick.Dowler at nrc.ca wrote:

> Yesterday I suggested option C - hidden in with my suggestion that the
> singular should be just "get(String name)" - simply because "Child" is
> superfluous anyway: you aren't expecting getting siblings, parents, or
> grand-children with such a call. In addition, you only get elements by name.

Yep... I saw that you did after my post while slogging through the rest of
the email in here. :)

> I'm in favour of "getElements". For the singular, I'd prefer "get" because I
> don't see anything more verbose being any better.

In the same vein you could argue for add* to be shorter as well. Hrm.

> Good analysis of the current state.



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