[jdom-interest] Re: Can't we all get along? :) -- [is] getChild() vs.getChildElements()

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Aug 3 06:33:57 PDT 2000

At 6:50 PM -0500 8/2/00, Brett McLaughlin wrote:

>In the interest of getting on with it, and avoiding A ;-) I can go with
>C (getElement/getElements). Everyone else?

I can certainly live with it, though I still prefer 
getChildElement(). It's more descriptive and easier to read. There 
are other elements in the document that are not children; e.g. the 
parent, ancestor, and sibling elements.  I can see someone thinking 
that getElement() searches any or all of these or even returns the 
element itself.

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