[jdom-interest] Re: jdom-interest digest, Vol 1 #144 - 21 msgs

David W. Smiley dsmiley at mitre.org
Thu Aug 3 07:34:59 PDT 2000

> >   C: "Ok, so I've got this element which is my <target> element. Now, I want
> >      to get all of the elements that are below this which are instances of a
> >      <task>... I do that with a getElements() method call."
> > 
> > A and B are deadlocked. What about C? It works well enough for me as an
> > Element has Children, some of which are Elements, some of which are
> > Entities, some of which are PIs, some of which are Comments, etc.
> In the interest of getting on with it, and avoiding A ;-) I can go with
> C (getElement/getElements). Everyone else?
> -Brett

I'm game for option 'C': (getElement/getElements).

-- David Smiley

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