[jdom-interest] Re: Interfaces? (was: W3 DOM support)

David W. Smiley dsmiley at mitre.org
Mon Aug 7 06:32:10 PDT 2000

> > And I'm not a big fan of subclassing.  I'd rather delegate.  To my mind,
> > subclassing is a fragile, often requiring intimate knowledge of the
> > source code and leaving oneself vulnerable to future revisions of the
> > base classes.
> Hear, hear!  Inheritance is OOP for the weak!  Delegation rules.

  Excuse me?  This statement suggests inheritance has no purpose.

On the side, I agree with what Jason had to say in this thread, BUT I do
think there should be one 'builder' that can be replaced that generates
the various JDOM classes.  The existing "Element" etc. classes would
have a package or protected constructor.  The advantage of a 'builder'
is that users can substitute implementations that offer features like
observers or whatever.  It would be fun for me to go off and
re-implement JDOM to how I would do it to see what everyone thinks.  I
don't think it'd be that hard.

-- David Smiley

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