[jdom-interest] JDOM w/ *long* streams

Simon St.Laurent simonstl at simonstl.com
Wed Aug 9 07:26:51 PDT 2000

At 06:56 PM 8/8/00 -0400, Christophe D. Laprun wrote:
>Related question (?):
>What happens if you access a Document object defined as the
>DefaultHandler (just as in SAXBuilder.build) while parsing the XML
>InputSource ? Is it possible to access elements before having retrieved
>the full stream ? 
>Also, forgive me for my being quite a newbie here, but does
>SAXBuilder.build currently build the whole tree in memory or are there
>some lazy instanciation mechanisms ?

SAX lets you filter information as it comes through the parser to the
application.  This might let you restrict your view of information as it
comes from the SAX parser to the JDOM tree.


A number of folks have built SAX filters, and they're very handy when the
application expects a different view of information than the document
actually contains.

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