[jdom-interest] Java 1.1 compatibility

D Cline dcline369 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 11 14:53:38 PDT 2000

Does anyone know of a working port of JDOM1.0b4 to
Java1.1?  I have tried to port it myself and it
compiles, but gives the following runtime error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/util/HashMap
Aug 11 17:01:52 2000: 	at 
Aug 11 17:01:52 2000: 	at

I've checked the source and find no reference to
java.util.HashMap, since I changed all these
references to com.sun.java.util.collections.HashMap. 
Could there be a reference to to this class in the
ant.jar file?  I would appreciate any help anyone can

Dan Cline

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