[jdom-interest] Problem with Element.getChildren()

Christophe D. Laprun chris.laprun at nist.gov
Mon Aug 14 15:55:34 PDT 2000

Hi all,

I have a problem with getChildren(String) on Element. I try to affect
the result of getChildren to a List (called "children" :) and then
process this List. However, it seems that isEmpty returns false on this
list even if it is not supposed to be (there are elements corresponding
to the String that I pass to getChildren in the document that I
process). After looking at the state of the objects with a debugger, it
seems that children has a size of 0 which is rather surprising. I looked
at PartialList.java and using the debugger, I verifed that the backing
list is not empty. I tried to override LinkedList.isEmpty on PartialList
to return backingList.isEmpty but it didn't change anything. I am not
familiar enough with the code to tell if it is a bug or if I am doing
something wrong. Can somebody help me on this ? I really would
appreciate it.



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