[jdom-interest] JDK 1.1 build scripts now available

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Aug 15 13:54:01 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the work of Joe Bowbeer, Jools, and myself, we now have JDK
1.1 build scripts working and checked in.  If you're on JDK 1.1 you can
run build11.sh or build11.bat and JDOM will build for you.  Remember the
JDK 1.1 build is not the official build, it's just provided for your

To accomplish the JDK 1.1 build we first had to remove all JDK 1.2 only
methods from the source, often reimplementing them as private methods on
the affected class.  Then we changed build.xml to replace the java.util
imports of the collections classes with imports of
com.sun.java.util.collections.  The build is smart and only does this
replace if it finds the com.sun.java.util.collections.* classes in its
classpath.  The build11.* scripts add collections.jar to the classpath,
triggering this behavior.  The build.* scripts don't have
collections.jar so this replace doesn't happen.

There are build11.* scripts in jdom-contrib and jdom-test also, but we
have work still to do before the 1.1 builds will run successfully.  See
TODO.txt for details.

BTW, the "replace" rule doing the import change does the replacement
always even if no source files were changed, so anyone tweaking the JDOM
src under JDK 1.1 will notice you don't get incremental compiles you
always get full compiles.  If you're someone doing that, then you might
want to investigate this.  I'm not real worried about it.

Have fun!  Post to jdom-interest if you have problems with the core. 
Remember we already know about the 1.1 build problems with jdom-contrib
and jdom-test.


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