[jdom-interest] JDOM and TOMCAT

Adam Leggett adam at sensei.co.uk
Wed Aug 16 08:12:29 PDT 2000


Is a possible solution to use another parser (which one?) with JDOM.
Can I just plug in another and go ?
Would I need to remove Xerces from my classpath?
Does JDOM look for Xerces by default ?

Sorry for any inane questions , I am a (relatively) newbie Java developer but keen to learn!


Brett McLaughlin wrote:

> Oh, yeah.... Xerces 1.1.x changed from java.net.URL (allowing files to
> look like c:\foo\bar.xml) to a custom class (requiring files to look
> like file:///c:/foo/bar.xml).
> Hmmm... and I guess SAX 2 wasn't fully implemented in Xerces 1.0.3,
> which is why you get the JDOM error. That's actually sort of sticky...
> post to Cocoon-users and see what is the status on getting up to the
> newer Xerces (it should just be a file link change), or if there is a
> CVS version that supports it. Citing SAX 2 support as a requirement
> might help...
> JDOM might work with Xerces 1.0.3, though, so you could also try that...
> -Brett
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