[jdom-interest] Problem with getChildren() (again)

Christophe D. Laprun chris.laprun at nist.gov
Thu Aug 17 07:13:08 PDT 2000


I have a piece of XMl that looks like this:
  <Feature role="test">
	<Feature id="dr1" role="dialect">
    <Parameter role="dialect-code" datatype="string">dr1</Parameter>
    <Parameter role="dialect" datatype="string">Northeast</Parameter>

  <Feature id="jsp0" role="speaker-id">
    <Parameter role="initials" datatype="string">jsp</Parameter>
    <Parameter role="suffix" datatype="int">0</Parameter>
    <Parameter role="sex" datatype="string">female</Parameter>
    <Parameter role="DOB" datatype="string">06/10/64</Parameter>

and when I try to do the following:


the only thing that's returned is the first Feature element (with

The problem seems to come at the Element level since content only
contains this first element. Could that be a bug of SAXBuilder or Xerces
Also, on a similar note, has anyone experienced segmentation fault of
JDK1.2.2 from Sun on Linux because of Xerces
(InvalidDatatypeFacetException) ?



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