[jdom-interest] How do I set Features of XMLParser that Xalan is using

Hani Elabed hani at mail.elabed.net
Thu Aug 17 13:12:52 PDT 2000

This one has been puzzling me !!

I have an XML file that is "Well Formed"
and "Valid" against a DTD

When I test this XML file with
my XMLParser ( Xerces 1.1.2)
and I set the following features.

// Turn on validation

// Turn off namespace awareness
// This was suggested by Brett McLaughlin in his "Java and XML"
// book by O'reilly, page 131 to allow Validation using SAX2.0
// without Parse Errors.

The XML file parses Fine. Now, I need to
Transform the XML file(above) using an XSL
file to produce an Formatted Object(FO) file.
before FOP switched to SAX2.0, I had no problem
with this, now ....problems!!

My problem is how to tell the XSLProcessor
to set the above features of the XMLParser it is
using so as Validation against the DTD can
continue working. This is how I use the XSLProcessor.

   // Use XSLTProcessorFactory to instantiate an XSLTProcessor.
   XSLTProcessor processor = XSLTProcessorFactory.getProcessor();

   // Create the 3 objects the XSLTProcessor needs to perform the
   XSLTInputSource xmlSource  = new XSLTInputSource (args[0]);
   XSLTInputSource xslSheet   = new XSLTInputSource (args[1]);
        // fo file below..
   XSLTResultTarget xmlResult = new XSLTResultTarget (args[2]);

I can't seem to locate a way to do that... Any ideas.
Thanks in advance.


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