[jdom-interest] please help: can someone send me a jdom.jar c ompiled with build11.bat?

Wu, Charlie cwu at netfish.com
Fri Aug 18 18:34:51 PDT 2000


I did try that with the new build11.bat.. however it's still bombing out at
the java.util.*s..
Am I supposed to write a program to change the java.util to

Thanks again


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> Please help... we have a demo today which I developed using jdk1.2 and
> jdom.jar .. however the client's using jdk1.1
> Can someone puuuuuuuullllleeeeeeeeeeease send me a jdom.jar 
> compiled using 1.1?
> thanks a billion!!!

Well, said you said "puuuuuuuullllleeeeeeeeeeease"...

Just get the latest from CVS or the latest daily snapshot from
http://cvs.jdom.org, type build11, and you're done.  There was an
announcement about this last week.


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