[jdom-interest] Does JDOM conform to Infoset?

Jeff Turner jeff at socialchange.net.au
Sat Aug 19 05:34:04 PDT 2000

I was just looking through the Infoset working draft
(http://www.w3.org/TR/xml-infoset). Infoset is "a description of the
information available in a well-formed XML document".

It took me a long time to figure out the point of it all. Eventually I
concluded the following: 

Infoset is specifying just what APIs like DOM, SAX, *and JDOM* should
provide, in terms of access to the information in an XML document.
Infoset is API-independent, and so provides common ground between DOM,
SAX, JDOM, and any other API that purports to allow access to all the
information contained in an XML document.

So, my question: does JDOM conform to Infoset? Does it provide access
to -all- the bits of information that Infoset says an API like JDOM
should provide? If is does (as I suspect*), isn't this rather handy
from a marketing perspective? It brings JDOM into the W3C fold. I'm
sure many companies are sticking to DOM because it is a "W3C
Standard", which has an impressive ring to it. 


* I see Elliotte was mentioning infoset way back in May.

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