[jdom-interest] online javadoc

michael salmon ms at speakeasy.org
Sun Aug 20 02:00:50 PDT 2000

hi folks,
ive been using jdom for a few months and last week grabbed a newer version from
cvs.  The first thing I noticed is deprecated errors for setContent in
Element class.  This was odd because the online javadoc wasnt updated to match
that and I had to double-check Element.java to see the new method, setText(). 
setText() unfortunatly isnt noted on the jdom.org site which can be a bit
confusing and/or annoying, especially for newer java developers.

I realize with ant I can build a local copy of the javadoc but keeping up
with api's locally is no fun. So I ask (assuming there isn't a reason against
this) for the javadoc to updated either by hand or a cronjob.  How about a
nightly javadoc build in the cvs.jdom.org even?

Also on another note, i vote for getChildElements() ;-) 
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Laziness, Impatience, and hubris." 
--Larry Wall

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