[jdom-interest] Where is JDOM version 1.0?

Mike Chambers mesh at speakeasy.org
Mon Aug 21 16:31:45 PDT 2000

I have been reading "Java and XML" by Brett Mclaughlin. In the chapter on
JDOM, he says that the reference implementation of JDOM is a complete 1.0
working product, and available for download from www.jdom.org.

I am very interested in using JDOM, but I can find no reference
implementation,  nor release. Indeed the best I can find is the source for a
Beta 4 release which is a couple of months old.

The latest project status on the website says:

"We're working on getting a 1.0 release by summer, and need your help!"

So, is JDOM still being maintained and developed?

Is there a 1.0 release? If so where?

Sorry to bug the list with the questions, but I looked at the web site, and
the FAQ and couldn't find any answers.

Thanks in advance...

Mike Chambers

mesh at speakeasy.org

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