[jdom-interest] bug fix

Raffaele Sena raff at aromatic.org
Mon Aug 21 23:31:16 PDT 2000

> > I also wrote a small test program that can be useful to play with the
> > ResultSetBuilder. It allows to pass on the command
> Sure, send it in.  I'll deal with your patch next chance I get.
> -jh-

    I added option for most of the functions (I left out indent and newlines
    are set by default).

    Run the program with no parameters and it will show the usage.

    sxql.java is my test program
    test.sh is an example of how to use it (change the CLASSPATH to match your
    test.txt is the output from the test program

    Hope you find this useful!

-- Raffaele

raff at aromatic.org (::) http://www.aromatic.org/~raff/
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