[jdom-interest] Mailing list woes

Rosen, Alex arosen at silverstream.com
Tue Aug 22 07:59:45 PDT 2000

> > Can someone please stop these emails from flooding the list. I've
> > had 20 in the past couple hours.
> If I see another one, I'll disable the account.
> -jh-

I don't think it's the poster, I think it's the listserv. A couple of weeks ago I sent
a message that got sent to the list 4 times. I'm subscribed to the list in digest mode,
so all my posts go through the moderator (whoever that is), because the listserv thinks
that I'm not subscribed to the list. I know I only sent the message once, because I
only got one message back saying that it was waiting for moderator approval. But it
showed up on the list 4 times.

Rainer, are you subscribed to the list in digest mode?

(Is there a good reason that us digest subscribers have to go through the moderator?)


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