[jdom-interest] Suppressing <?xml version="1.0"?>

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Aug 22 10:32:35 PDT 2000

"Rosen, Alex" wrote:
> > there's no built-in way for XMLOutputter to suppress the decl 
> > because it's required by XML.
> Have I completely missed something? The XML spec says that it's 
> recommended but not required, if you're using UTF-8 or UTF-16 
> encoding. If you're using a different
> encoding, it is required.

True 'nuff.  Spec says it's a should, not a must.

Definitely need to have setSuppressDeclaration() functionality.  (BTW,
Elliotte, even tho the decl isn't a PI, their examples of use clearly
don't use the decl.)


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