[jdom-interest] Question about element length

Ilja Preuß ilja.preuss at epost.de
Tue Aug 22 12:21:06 PDT 2000

> Regardless, I don't believe Java has a String length restriction.  I
> just wrote a sample program that constructs a 1,000,000 character
> string, and it worked fine.  Now I seem to recall method bodies have a
> 64K restriction; maybe you're thinking of that.

Well, in fact the length of a String is stored as an int, so the maximum
length would be 2.147.483.647 chars, that's a 4 terabyte restriction (as a
char is two bytes). Of course this will never be a problem, in the same way
the Y2K never was... ;-)

Regards, Ilja

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