[jdom-interest] JDOM to XSLT

Itai Erner itaie at bigfoot.com
Wed Aug 23 10:28:15 PDT 2000

How do I pass the JDOM document to the XSLT processor ? I tried using Piped 
streams but im probably doing something wrong ...

XMLOutputter out 	= new XMLOutputter();
PipedOutputStream os = new PipedOutputStream();
PipedInputStream  is 	= new PipedInputStream( os );
out.output( doc, os );
processor.process( new XSLTInputSource( is ),
   	new XSLTInputSource("test.xsl"),
	new XSLTResultTarget(System.out));

thanks - and sorry if this question has been asken before.


         Valis - The Cellular Cult


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