[jdom-interest] JDOM to XSLT

Lorenzo Gonzalez gonzalez_lorenzo at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 24 18:42:45 PDT 2000

> > How do I pass the JDOM document to the XSLT processor ? >I tried using 
>Piped streams but im probably doing something wrong ...snip...

>Check the FAQ - it's in there.

But really it's not.  It's mentioned, and the suggestion is the same as what 
Itai tried already, as far as I can tell.  However, the FAQ does mention 
that the CVS tree will soon include an example.  I'm on vacation, and I'm 
lucky to have any email at all.  My understanding of piped streams is that 
they shouldn't be used within the same thread due to possible deadlock... 
Can anyone confirm there's an example in the source tree already? Or post a 
working code snippet?

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