[jdom-interest] Bug? element names not allowed to have dots?

Cameron Smith cameron.smith at entranet.co.uk
Fri Aug 25 06:58:41 PDT 2000

Hi, I'm new on this list and currently trawling through archives, so please
point me at the right place if this question has already been dealt with.
I'm just in a hurry because I'm trying to promote JDom over an in-house XML
tool and things are moving v. fast.

I am using JDom beta4 and it parses most documents fine (I am currently
benchmarking it vs. in-house tool on 'real' xml documents from client
projects).  However it refuses to accept element names with a dot '.' in
them, such as <letter.body> .  As far as I know well-formed XML Elements may
have dots in the name after the first character, so does anyone know what is
going on?

Other than that, could I just add my congratulations to the JDom team -
overall it is a very impressive piece of work!

cameron smith,
Entranet UK

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