[jdom-interest] Abstracting interface to JDOM nodes.

Trebor A. Rude trebor at bwn.net
Fri Aug 25 15:50:15 PDT 2000

	I want to write getSerializedForm() for Element.  However, to do this, it 
needs to be able to call getSerializedForm() on its children. This can not 
easily be done since the children vary in their type, and don't implement 
a common interface. I propose such a common interface be created, an 
equivelent of Node in the org.w3c.dom package. I'm willing to do the work, 
but I'd like comments from the crowd as to whether or not this is a good 
idea, and if so, what should and shouldn't go in such an interface.

Trebor A. Rude
trebor at bwn.net
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