[jdom-interest] Modifying JDom for J2ME/MIDP

Paul Mackay paul at mackay.demon.co.uk
Sun Aug 27 15:41:22 PDT 2000

I am currently investigating the
options available to try and get an XML framework running on J2ME/MIDP.
I favour JDom because it is lightweight and simple but also allows
document editing. However the MIDP spec (the focus of smaller devices
running on top of KVM) is extremely limited.

Although JDom can be backported to JDK1.1 using the collections.jar, I
do not see how this could be done for J2ME. The Collections classes will
not run on MIDP as it lacks the Serializable and more importantly the
Cloneable interface. These could not be added as part of an app, being
part of the core Java classes.

Does anyone know of a way that JDom could be ported to fit within the
API? Has this been considered at all?

Any suggestions or help would be most appreciated.



Paul Mackay
paul at mackay.demon.co.uk

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