[jdom-interest] JDOM support for XPath

bob bob at accurev.com
Mon Aug 28 01:18:04 PDT 2000


I've been outside of the CVS repository, attempting to get
XPath stuff working for JDOM.  I'd say I've got about 75%
of the engine implemented, and about 40% of the spec done
(still need to implement lots of functions, and a few axis,
but location paths, and predicates are parsing/evaluating

Anyhow, the only stopping point I see currently, is 
devining the 'parent' of several objects in the JDOM tree.

I need to be able to backtrack from an Attribute, Comment,
ProcessingInstruction, and the String that's used as Text
nodes, to find the parent Element.

May I request some flavor of getParent() on all of those

Document-order of nodes will be achieved outside of the
org.jdom.* package, so no worries there.


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