[jdom-interest] Namespace patch

bob bob at accurev.com
Mon Aug 28 23:24:17 PDT 2000


Patchfile (cvs diff -u -R) against the CVS tree as it
stood an hour ago.


	void Element.addNamespaceDeclaration()
	Map Element.getNamespaceDeclarations()
	Map Element.getNamespaceDeclarations(boolean recursive)

Alters DOMBuilder and SAXBuilder to Do The Right Thing upon
xmlns attributes.

Modified XMLOutputter (but *not* DOMOutputter yet) to reproduce
document in whole, including 'unused' xmlns: attributes.

getNamespaceDeclarations() returns Map, because it makes my
life easier in XPath.  You might instead prefer a Set or similar.

But uniqueness-by-prefix is a requirement, so simple identity
comparison of Namespace objects wouldn't be sufficient.


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