[jdom-interest] Namespace patch

trebor.a.rude at lmco.com trebor.a.rude at lmco.com
Tue Aug 29 07:49:35 PDT 2000

	Is there a list of "outstanding submissions" anywhere, so it would
be easier to avoid duplicating work? I couldn't find one on jdom.org (either
www. or cvs.).

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> Sent:	Tuesday, August 29, 2000 8:15 AM
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> Subject:	Re: [jdom-interest] Namespace patch
> I can see that this is necessary, and I'll look into it. However it's 
> counterproductive to work on this at this point. There's an 
> outstanding submission to fix a bunch of namespace issues, most 
> importantly maintaining namespace prefixes. Once that's fixed we can 
> probably do this pretty easily.  However, since Brett and Jason are 
> the only committers and they're a little backlogged right now, 
> nobody's been able to verify the proposed fixes and get them into the 
> main tree.

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