[jdom-interest] Namespace patch

Anli Shundi anli.shundi at nue.et-inf.uni-siegen.de
Tue Aug 29 10:52:23 PDT 2000

This is to reiterate my earlier concerns on Namespace declarations
which get lost.  The current version optimizes and uses namespaces
only when explicitly needed.  Their declaration should not get lost.
Digital Signature's Canonicalization algorithm needs them as well.

Best wishes,

Anli Shundi
Institute for Data Communications Systems
University of Siegen

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> I can see that this is necessary, and I'll look into it. However it's
> counterproductive to work on this at this point. There's an
> outstanding submission to fix a bunch of namespace issues, most
> importantly maintaining namespace prefixes. Once that's fixed we can
> probably do this pretty easily.  However, since Brett and Jason are
> the only committers and they're a little backlogged right now,
> nobody's been able to verify the proposed fixes and get them into the
> main tree.
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