[jdom-interest] Namespace patch

bob bob at accurev.com
Tue Aug 29 13:39:34 PDT 2000

> Given this condition, can you give an example of a case where 
> changing where a prefix is declared would change the document in a 
> significant way? For example, does XML-SIG consider where the 
> namespaces are declared as opposed to merely which namespaces are 
> used where in the document?

I guess my concern is that jdom won't have enough information
to ever move a declaration.


<a xmlns:foo="http://foo.org/">

	<b expr="//.[@foo:name="toast"/>

There, you don't know where xmlns:foo is actually used,
so can you truly move it around with any certainty?

XPath doesn't really care where they are declared, but
rather the scope of the declaration.  Any movement will 
change that scope, no?

> This will all be handled. In fact it's already done in the patch I 
> submitted. I agree that this is necessary.

I've misplaced your email referencing the patch.  Couldja
resend, so I might try it out?


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