[jdom-interest] insertChild in Element

trebor.a.rude at lmco.com trebor.a.rude at lmco.com
Thu Aug 31 07:57:20 PDT 2000

	Actually, returning this wouldn't mimic the current functionality of
getChildren(), which weeds out all the non-Element children in the List it
returns. If we do end up having Element implement List, there's no reson to
change getChildren().  That would be best for backwards compatibility, and
allow programmers to use whichever model they're comfortable with.

Trebor A. Rude
trebor.a.rude at lmco.com

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> I think I would like this approach - it makes a lot more
> sense semantically thou it would still take getting used
> to. You can always have getChildren() return this to
> implement current functionality. I guess this turns JDOM
> into more of a *Object* model structure rather than *XML*
> object model but it could be worth it - if you could
> implement it as/more efficiently than ArrayList

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