[jdom-interest] getAttribute(String nameOfAttribute)

Jaap.Botman at nl.abnamro.com Jaap.Botman at nl.abnamro.com
Thu Aug 31 07:40:01 PDT 2000

I have downloaded the sources from Brett McLaughlins article 'Make classes
from XML data'

I can properly compile it using JDK1.2 and the Build 4 of JDOM on Windows NT.
However, if I run it with the example Schema document I get
NoSuchAttributeException's on 'getAttribute(nameOfAttribute)' statements
although the attribute is there.
For example:

type = complexType.getAttribute("name").getValue();

results in a NoSuchAttributeException

But if I replace this code by the following, 'type' will be assigned the proper

String type = null;
List l = complexType.getAttributes();
for (Iterator i = l.iterator(); i.hasNext(); )
               Attribute attr = (Attribute)i.next();
     if (attr.getName().equals("name"))
                          type = attr.getValue();

After I made similar adjustments to all the occurences of 'getAttribute(
nameOfAttribute)' the resulting Java app works
fine and produces the expected result.

Is this problem known by anyone?

regards, Jaap Botman

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