[jdom-interest] API instability?

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Aug 31 07:02:58 PDT 2000

> I'm surprised that
> getContent() was deprecated, since it seems like one of the 
> more useful methods supplied with JDOM -- one of the 
> differentiators between DOM and JDOM.

It was replaced by the more properly named getText().  You'll notice
it's documented that way in the code and in the javadocs.

> our only concern was that there would be massive
> changes like this in every release, since the only experience we 
> have with JDOM is 1.0b4-b5.  If there won't be, then that's fine.

Oh, I hope there won't be!

>    - add org.jdom.Element DOMBuilder.build (org.w3c.dom.Element)
>      (for use with Apache SOAP)

Excellent, that's on the todo list (TODO.txt in the root).  Feel free to
send in the mods.

>    - change Element.getChild(String) so that it uses the
>      namespace of the parent instead of the default namespace;
>      if you want the default namespace, you can always pass null

That's an interesting approach.  I kind of like it; you stay within your
own namespace.  What do others think?

>    - make a couple of JDK1.1 fixes
>    - and probably a couple other things which I forgot

Looks like you have done good work.  Go digging!


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