[jdom-interest] Interface-based JDOM

Tom Bradford bradford at dbxmlgroup.com
Sat Dec 2 12:19:50 PST 2000

Hi All,

Here's an Interface-based JDOM I quickly threw together to prove that it
doesn't hurt the implementation at all, but actually enhances it. 
Internally, all references now use the interfaces instead of the
concrete classes.  I only changed the org.jdom package, none of the

I chose to prefix interfaces with an I, but I think the most convenient,
and backward-compatible way to do it would be to actually change the
classes to interfaces and prefix the classes with something like JDOM or

So for example:

Element.java would become JDOMElement.java
IElement.java would become Element.java

and so on.  I also think the implementation and interfaces should be
placed in separate packages, but again.  I threw this together really

I don't want to start a religious war here, but if JDOM has any
intentions of being widely adopted, the rigid implementation decisions
that have been made need to be rethought.  Otherwise, my product (and
probably many others) can't implement/utilize it effectively.

Tom Bradford
Founder & Chief Architect
The dbXML Group, L.L.C.
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