[jdom-interest] Announce: JDOMPlus a flexible XML framework f or Java

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From: "Jason Hunter" <jhunter at collab.net>

> The name "JDOM", however, is protected.  As everyone can see from
> reading the LICENSE.txt file and the license text attached to the head
> of every source file, the JDOM code is licensed under an Apache-style
> license and license terms 3 and 4 protect the original project name and
> allow its use only with written permission from JDOM Project
> management.  James has not sought after or received permission to use
> the name JDOM, and thus we have asked James to select another name for
> his project that complies with the license and does not include "JDOM",
> and also to choose web site names that do not include JDOM either.

I'm a techie not a lawyer and hadn't looked too deeply at the licence.
I'll change the name of the project shortly.
Appologies to Brett & yourself and everyone else in the JDOM community.

> Brett and I very much hope that people with design ideas continue to use
> this list as the place for discussion.  I'm always happy to debate the
> merits of different designs.

Me too its fun :-)

Though from Bretts responses...

> I enjoy that discussion actually; it's one
> of the nicest perks of this unpaid position.  :-)  It's unfortunate we
> can't accept every idea, but we believe it's best when making API
> changes to "Measure twice, cut once" as they say, and the factory model
> promoted by the forked design definitely raised some hairy unresolved
> issues.
> -jh-
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