[jdom-interest] Newbie: - JDOM validation with Schema.

Mead, Paul PMead at sanwaint.com
Mon Dec 11 07:16:37 PST 2000

I have read the Java and XML book and got JDOM loaded up. It works very well
for non-validating scenarios as below.

   try {
            SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder(false);
            Document doc = builder.build(new File("foo.xml"));  

I thought I would try a validation test using an XML Schema 

   try {
            SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder(true);
            Document doc = builder.build(new File("foo.xml"));  

The problem now comes from setting up the namespaces in the foo.xml and
foo.xsd so that things actually work. There is no example in the book, and
any examples I have found on the web all seem to point to non-existant URIs,
or ones that require some sort of log-in (W3C). 

Has anyone got a really simple example of xml/xsd files that actually work
'out of the box',or can point me to a source area?

I guess validation always requires the namespace definitions to be read in,
is there any way to set this up so that all the files are local??

Any help greatly appreciated.



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