[jdom-interest] SAXBuilder build error

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Dec 12 14:29:29 PST 2000

Looks more like you're missing </Sites> to me.

BTW, now would be a good time for me to restate that all potential bug
reports should provide a JDOM version against which the bug was found. 
And if that version is older than a week or so, I'd strongly recommend
trying again with the latest snapshot.  Might be your bug's fixed


"Neuman, Ben" wrote:
> I am trying to build a document using SaxBuilder and a String...
> SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();
> Document doc = builder.build(docString);
> where docString=
> <?xml version='1.0'?>
>   <LookupData>
>   -1<Sites>
>     <Site Name="10000000001001">
>     </Site>
>     <Site Name="10000000001002">
>     </Site>
>     <Site Name="10000000001003">
>     </Site>
> </LookupData>
> I get a JDOMException stating that </LookupData> is not found.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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