[jdom-interest] DTD for xml parameter files

Andreas Werner awerner at lkvbw.de
Thu Dec 14 05:41:36 PST 2000


I just started on this mailing list. So perhaps my question has already been

I'm using XML for configuration.
Having been starting my first parsing with DOM I finally turned to JDOM.
IT's just easier to handle.

But what I am really looking for is a standardized DTD for XML parameter
This DTD should include
- grouping of parameters
- internal and public names
- comments
- parameter types (String, int etc)

With such a DTD one could develop a standardized API and (GUI)applications
to access, edit and format XML parameter files without having to do this for
every single type of parameter file.

If anybody has thought about this too let me know.
Or is it already implemented in a GNU project?

Andreas Werner

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